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A Comprehensive Look at TRIBE7 BLACKWING7 Camera Lenses

March 28, 2023

The world of filmmaking has experienced a significant transformation with the introduction of new technologies, innovative equipment, and groundbreaking accessories. One such marvel in the realm of cinematography are the TRIBE7 BLACKWING7 camera lenses. This premium series of lenses has been making waves in the industry, offering filmmakers a unique blend of unparalleled performance, versatility,…
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Hudson Spider LED Light

July 30, 2021

MPS Studios, a full-service provider of studios, equipment rental, and lighting, is excited to announce it has added the Hudson Spider LED Light to its growing equipment inventory. On the leading edge of the new wave of production lighting, the Hudson Spider Light provides technical improvements in lighting quality while delivering a versatility unmatched in…
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Storytelling With Large Format Cameras

December 9, 2019

There are a lot of advantages in using large format cameras for cinematic storytelling which by now are pretty clear, better closeups, better view angles, a beautiful separation between actor and background, and overall a camera that has better attention to detail. Cameras like ARRI’s ALEXA Mini LF, that takes large format sensors to a…
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ARRI Orbiter: Everything You Need To Know

October 22, 2019

Being the worthy successor to the ARRI SkyPanel, the ARRI Orbiter is the newest LED fixture from ARRI. It features systems designed completely from the ground up, guaranteeing both the easiest and the most versatile use over a wide range of mediums including but not limited to motion pictures, television and broadcasting, live theater and…
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April 29, 2019

Meet Dylan McElveen, Assistant Lighting Services Technician at MPS Lighting Service Center, located in our Dallas office. Dylan recently joined our team, and has been rockin’ it under the direction of Lighting Services Tech. Angel Ovalles, From lighting and electric repairs to keeping the electrical systems on our all trucks in tip-top shape, Dylan is a…
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MPS Studios Celebrates ARRI Authorized Repair Center Partnership

December 4, 2018

MPS Studios Celebrates ARRI Authorized Repair Center Partnership September 24, 2018 – Dallas, TX – MPS Studios, which provides studios, equipment rental and lighting, recently celebrated its first year anniversary as an ARRI authorized lighting repair center in it’s Dallas facility.  Marc Stephens, President, explains that, “MPS Senior Lighting Technician Angel Ovalles was trained at…
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MPS Supports Cowgirls with Cameras Film Camp

June 13, 2018

MPS Studios is honored to sponsor the first-ever Cowgirls with Cameras film camp. The camp, which takes place on Thursday, June 14, and Friday, June 15, is a film experience during which girls in high school, ages 14-18, gain exposure to filmmaking by shooting a documentary short film alongside local industry professionals.  Applicants were to…
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The Cooke 180mm Anamorphic Has Been Added To Our Inventory!

March 16, 2018

MPS Studios – a full-service rental house specializing in grip, lighting, and camera equipment, as well as sound stages, with offices located in Dallas, Austin, and Denver – has added the Cooke 180mm Anamorphic to its ever-growing inventory. The 180mm is one of 10 various focal lengths that make up the Cooke Anamorphic/i Special Flair…
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Arri Alexa Mini – The perfect companion for your next production!

March 12, 2018

This week check out the Arri Alexa Mini! Don’t let the small stature fool you! This camera is a powerhouse that will take your production to the next level.  
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MPS Supports Texas Filmmakers at SXSW

March 10, 2018

This year’s SXSW – the annual festival round-up hosted in Austin, TX, celebrating an amalgamation made up of the interactive, music, and film industries – will feature several films that MPS Studios has had the honor of providing various support for. One of the ways MPS offers such support every year is through the Austin…
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ARRI SKYPANEL S120-C – Looking for my next production!

March 5, 2018

Let us be the Bumble to your gear list. No more swiping right on gear you don’t want or need! Each week tune into our blog as we share some of our stand out equipment that will rock your production! Learn more about the ARRI SKYPANEL S120-C here –>  http://bit.ly/2FdWy2e
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