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Meet Dylan McElveen, Assistant Lighting Services Technician at MPS Lighting Service Center, located in our Dallas office. Dylan recently joined our team, and has been rockin’ it under the direction of Lighting Services Tech. Angel Ovalles, From lighting and electric repairs to keeping the electrical systems on our all trucks in tip-top shape, Dylan is a team player that is always willing to go the extra mile. We caught up with Dylan to learn a little more about what makes him tick:

1. How did you get your start with MPS, and how long have you been with the company?

I started here in January 2019, I responded to an Indeed job recommendation. After looking over my resume and doing a couple interviews I was given the job as assistant lighting repair technician.

2. When you’re not at MPS, where can we find you? i.e. How do you recharge?

I like mountain biking, I also have various electrical projects at home including an all electric bicycle. I tinker with electronics, engines, and computers.

3. What’s your favorite piece of equipment to work with?

I think my favorite piece of equipment is the Hakko 472D Desoldering Station. It’s effect on how I do repairs and how long it takes to do repairs is priceless. A repair that would have taken an hour with other desoldering methods now takes 15-20 minutes.

4. If we were to hop onto your music playlist, what would we see you were listening to most recently?

I listen to many different genres and artists. My all time favorite musician is Elliott Smith, specifically his hit album “Either/Or”