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Hudson Spider LED Light

MPS Studios, a full-service provider of studios, equipment rental, and lighting, is excited to
announce it has added the Hudson Spider LED Light to its growing equipment inventory. On the
leading edge of the new wave of production lighting, the Hudson Spider Light provides technical
improvements in lighting quality while delivering a versatility unmatched in the industry. With
the accessories included in our Redback Deluxe Kit, this system offers the most innovative and
adaptable lighting system available.

The Hudson Spider LED Light delivers an equivalent maximum output of 12,280 lumens
in a lightweight, flexible design. Built around a 36” diameter fixture, the Redback operates in
folded, flat, and parabolic configurations and breaks down into a 12” x 8” cylinder for easy
transportation. At just over seven pounds with front and rear Baby pin mounts, this DMX-
capable light is easy to move and sets up in less than five minutes, making it one of the most
efficient lighting systems in the industry.

Greig Fraser, ASC (whose credits include Zero Dark Thirty, Lion and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) told
American Cinematographer “The fact I don’t have to cut or diffuse it, to make it appropriate for 90% of
situations is amazing. It means my single light needs one person to set it, rather than four.” In an environment
where COVID protocols limit staffing onset, the Hudson Spider Light’s ease of set up and movement frees resources
for other set needs.

Functionality is definitely the name of the game for the Hudson Spider Light. It offers a variety of modes,
including parabolic, flat, diffused, undiffused and no backing. Pair it with the Deluxe Kit’s 72”
umbrella accessory and you get white bounce and silver bounce options. Mounting is simple,
allowing it to be used with megabooms and C-Stands, or even mounted to a car.

The attached ballast and dimmer provide local light controls and it pairs seamlessly with LiteGear power
units when battery power is needed. This system responds to virtually any lighting need on set
and makes it an ideal option for almost any job.

DPs are raving about the Hudson Spider Light’s adaptability and usefulness. Matthew Lloyd, CSC, used
the Redback every day of shooting on Spiderman Far From Home, telling the Hudson team that
the Redback “is the most versatile fixture I have ever seen, does anything and goes anywhere.”
Redback still shoots draw admirers too. Graham Shelton, DP, found the lights indispensable
noted to Hudson, “For anyone shooting interior beauty or fashion work you really can’t go
wrong with this light as your key…the quality and output of the Redback is really outstanding.”

Although versatility has made this light one of our most in-demand products, its foundation is
creating high-quality light. Described as creating a soft light that wraps beautifully, the Spider
Light flatters talent. When used in parabolic mode, DPs and gaffers have found it needs little if
any additional diffusing and creates ideal lighting in a variety of settings.

Adam Suschitzky, BSC, used it when shooting various Marcella scenes, including day and night
interior and exterior settings, and told Hudson its “beautiful quality of light and output are a massive
advantage to any production.”The Hudson Spider Light and Redback Deluxe Kit brings versatility and
lighting quality thatmakes it essential for all production needs. Call today for availability and scheduling
of this must-have piece of equipment!

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