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The DAIWA Tripod 80 heavy-duty pan head is an upgraded version of the DAIWA EP 56. The DAIWA-80 is well suited for both ENG/EFP and studio applications.

Improvements include a slightly tall head than the DAIWA EP 56 that allow wider tilt range of + 60° to – 75° adding 15° to the negative tilt range. The bubble level has been upgraded with a backlight that stays on for 1 minute after the button is pressed giving the camera operator plenty of time to level the head when setting up in a dark studio, arena or night-time location shoot.

The DAIWA-80 has a professional Cam-Balance system capable of counter-weighing up to 49 pounds of camera and equipment. The sealed, oil-filled fluid head glides with silky smoothness yielding ultimate control to the camera operator. To further customize the head to the equipment being used, the DAIWA-80 has an infinitely adjustable and repeatable pan and tilt drag settings.

The head uses an industry standard 100mm ball base so it can be used on a wide variety of tripods from SLIK-DAIWA or many other manufacturers.