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Sony FX3 Full-Frame Cinema Camera

Sony FX3 Full-Frame Cinema Camera

Designed specifically for individual content creators, the Sony FX3 merges the high-end features of the Cinema Line and Alpha series into a portable cinema camera that’s perfect for travel and secondary shooting roles. This camera maintains the high-quality imaging expected from its class while introducing a new handheld, lightweight design. It eliminates the need for an external cage by incorporating direct attachment points for accessories, streamlining the user’s setup.

Firmware Update Version 2.0

The latest firmware update brings the FX3 in line with Sony’s Cinema Line ecosystem, enhancing its functionality with features such as improved log recording options like Cine EI, user LUT import capabilities, timecode synchronization with an optional cable, and a more intuitive camera interface. Users upgrading from version 1.01 or earlier should note their settings beforehand as the update resets the camera, removes S-Log2 in favor of S-Log3, simplifies connection to the Imaging Edge Mobile app (requiring version 7.7 or newer), and discontinues NFC one-touch connectivity.

Expressive UHD 4K Video Quality

The FX3 boasts a 12.1MP Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor (10.2MP effective in video mode) combined with a BIONZ XR processor, enabling UHD 4K video capture with internal 10-bit 4:2:2 sampling or 16-bit raw output. The sensor enhances clarity and sensitivity with an ISO range of 80-409,600 and a dynamic range over 15 stops, ideal for varied lighting conditions. S-Cinetone mode offers seamless matching with other Sony Cinema Line cameras, alongside support for S-Log3/2 and 10-bit HLG for straightforward HDR projects. The camera’s autofocus system ensures sharp and responsive subject tracking.

Professional Video Capabilities

Capture stunning visuals up to 4K 120p, enabling slow motion up to 5x at 24p. The FX3 supports DCI 4K+ 16-bit raw output via HDMI while recording XAVC 4K and proxies internally. It features dual SD card slots compatible with CFexpress Type A and SDXC cards, Super35 1080p up to 240p, and a silent cooling system to prevent overheating during extended shoots.

Ergonomic Design for Solo Creators

The FX3’s ergonomic design caters to solo operators, allowing for easy accessory mounting without a cage and one-handed control. Its layout includes easily accessible recording, focus, and menu controls, along with six customizable buttons. Visual tally indicators and quality audio recording options, including a detachable XLR adapter handle, enhance production efficiency.

Enhanced Connectivity and Stabilization

Remote control, file transfer, and streaming are streamlined through Wi-Fi or USB Type-C, supported by Sony’s Imaging Edge apps. The camera’s compatibility with E-Mount lenses and Catalyst Browse/Prepare software facilitates post-production stabilization, balancing shake compensation and image area trimming.

Common Features with FX6 and a7S III

The FX3 shares several features with the FX6 and a7S III, including the 12.1MP Exmor R sensor, high frame rate capabilities, extensive dynamic range, and wireless connectivity options. This integration ensures a consistent and high-quality performance across Sony’s range of cinema and mirrorless cameras, making the FX3 a versatile tool for filmmakers and content creators seeking portability without compromising on quality.

Pro audio recording options include:

  • A detachable XLR adapter handle with two XLR-1/4″ TRS combo audio inputs
  • A mic holder and a 3.5mm input for adding a microphone
  • Up to 4-channel, 24-bit audio recording
  • Remote Control, Streaming, and Transfers
  • Remote Control_RC
  • Control your FX3 remotely using the Imaging Edge Mobile or Imaging Edge Desktop apps, and transfer files using Wi-Fi or via a wired USB Type-C connector to let your editor get a jump on post-production. You can also stream your content using your computer and the Imaging Edge Webcam app.
  • Post-Production Stabilization with E-Mount Lenses
  • Sony’s Catalyst Prepare/Browse software uses shake metadata to stabilize your image
  • An adjustable balance between shake compensation and image area trimming lets you fine-tune the image
  • Improved FX3 Features
  • LCD Touch Panel_RC
  • The FX3 updates the Cinema Line with improvements like comfortable, cage-free handheld operation, a battery runtime 1.6x longer than that of the a7S II, and a USB-PD power option for extended shooting times.

Common FX3/FX6/a7S III

Features Like the FX6 and the a7S III, the FX3 features:

  • Full-frame, back-illuminated 12.1MP Exmor R CMOS sensor and BIONZ XR processor
  • High-speed rates of 120p in 4K and 240p in HD
  • A dynamic range of 15+ stops

Shared FX3/FX6 Attributes

Attributes that the FX3 has in common with the larger FX6 camera include:

  • S-Cinetone, S-Log3, HLG, and Rec. 709 gamma options
  • Tally lamps on the front, side, and rear
  • An internal fan to prevent overheating
  • A zoom lever for easy frame adjustments

Shared FX3/a7S III Attributes

Attributes that the FX3 shares with the a7S III include:

  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization
  • 16-bit raw output via HDMI
  • S-Log2 gamma choice
  • 80 to 409,6000 ISO range (expanded)

Wireless Connectivity

  • Dual-band 2.4/5 GHz wireless connectivity
  • Wired LAN link using the USB Type-C port and a separate adapter