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SALT-E DOG – 9kWh Sodium Sustainable Power Supply

SALT-E DOG – 9kWh Sodium Sustainable Power Supply

The Anton/Bauer Salt-E Dog is the first sodium battery designed and built for the motion picture and television industry.

Using sodium chemistry, the 9kWh battery delivers consistent, reliable

6000W Continuous output

power that is cleaner and more environmentally safe than fossil fuel or lithium generators.

With no noise, and no pollution, Salt-E Dog helps productions to deliver on net-zero sustainability pledges and maintain

Flexible charging options including Solar PV & Level 2 EV

quality standards without compromise.

4 x 120V 20A AC outputs

4 x 28V 16A XLR3 outputs

4 x 48V 16A XLR3 outputs

1 x Female Stage Pin 125VAC, 50A

2 x USB-C outputs

7 Inch color touchscreen display

5 Year Warranty

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Pure Power

A pure sine wave output means
no risk of dirty power causing damage to sensitive equipment. Its clean and stable output matches grid power so you can power your set with confidence, capturing every shot without a hitch.

Flexible Freedom

The perfect off-the-grid or on-the-go power source for
your production, thanks to its robust construction and portable design. Recharge from a range of convenient sources, including grid power, solar PV, and Level 2 EV charge points.

Emission free

Unlike gas generators, Salt-E Dog produces no harmful CO2 or NOx emissions, And, with no pollution comes greater location flexibility for your production.

Whisper Quiet

Near silent operation means a better working environment and no time-consuming ADR work. Plus, its quiet operation allows it to be placed closer to your set, lights, and other equipment.


With its IP55 rating, Salt-E Dog can handle any kind of weather. It matches the IP rating of most fuel generators and beats most ‘lithium’ solutions to provide reliable weatherproof power.

For location work or any production that demands emission-free and practically noiseless

power, Salt-E Dog has you covered. The sodium-based power source is the perfect way to

Quiet & Clean
In Any Scene create a healthier and more pleasant environment for your cast and crew.

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Real Time Smart Display

Take charge and plan power usage with the 7” display. The touch screen shows real-time capacity, time-to-empty or time to full charge in hours and minutes, along with access to system settings.

Safe On Set

Safety is key, and the sodium cell technology in Salt-E Dog delivers a safer and more secure production experience. Safely place the unit near equipment, in vehicles, or even with talent with no risk of thermal runaway or fire. Eliminate the need for fire marshals on set, water trucks, and lower insurance premiums.

100% Recyclable

The sodium cell is 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable choice, it also has a much lower GWP rating

than lithium-ion batteries, at only 62.68Kg CO2 eq/ kWh. So you can be confident you are using the most environmentally friendly product available.


Sustainable Power for Hours

With 9000Wh of safe and sustainable sodium nickel cells, Salt-E Dog delivers up to 6000W of pure sine wave power to run your entire production off-the-grid wherever you need it.

Litepanels Gemini 2×1 Hard

18 hours

5 x Litepanels 3 X ARRI M8 ARRI M18 ARRI M40

3 X CreamSource Vortex 8
4 hours, 32 mins

Gemini 2×1 Hard

3 hours, 36 Mins

3 hours, 45 Mins 3 hours, 31 Mins 1 hour, 38 Mins

Technical Specifications

Battery Info

Capacity CellChemistry

Life Cycle

Invertor Type

Shelf Life


AC Adaptor EV Charger PowerCon Solar PV Voltage Range


SodiumNickel Chloride

4500 cycles (80% DOD)

Pure Sine Wave (+/- 2%)

20 years

20A IEC 320-C20 CCS Level 2 (J1772) True1 TOP (20A) 48~98V

90~140 VAC


AC Output XLR3

USB-C Stage (Bates)

4 x 120VAC 20A

4x28VDC16A 4x48VDC16A

2 x USB-C 5-20V, 100W 125V, 50A Female


Display 7” touchscreen

Weight 598 lbs (271 kg)

Dimensions(inctires) 29.5×51.9×39.3” / 75 x 132 x 100cm

Tires 12” puncture-proof Operating Temp14-140F

Max Continuous Output

Recharge Times


(-10 to +60C)

(-10 to +60C)

IEC62984 (Pending) 5 Years

AC Adaptor

EV Charger Solar PV

≈10 Hours 0~100% ≈6 Hours 0~80%

≈11 Hours

≈12 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation and low temp)

Storage Temp

Certification Warranty