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Outfitted with the with the lightweight Tilta DSMC2, our RED WEAPON 6K cameras offer no-compromises, high end solutions! The RED WEAPON 6K boasts an arsenal of features that include blazing fast data transfer rates up to 300 MB/s, and the freedom to simultaneously record in REDCODE® RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD file formats.


Our RED WEAPON 6K Camera offer no-compromises accessories! Now outfitted with the lightweight Tilta DSMC2, which provides (3) HD-SDI outputs, (1) DC power nut, (2) 3-pin XLR audio port, (1) USB power output, (1) HDMI output, (1) CTRL port, (2) 14.8V 3-pin Fischer output with run/stop trigger, (2) 14.8v 2-pin Lemo output, and 16-pin Lemo output for DSMC/LCD/EVF.

The RED WEAPON 6K Camera –  captures motion stills in 6K 2.4:1 at up to 100 frames per seconds or 6K Full Frame at 75 frames per second. Utilizing the cutting-edge RED DRAGON sensor, the camera achieves the standard high quality of RED cameras with a redesign built for modular performance. Manufactured from ultra-strong machined carbon fiber the Weapon Woven Carbon Fiber delivers both ergonomic design and intuitive control. Combining the best of both worlds and taking elements from the EPIC and SCARLET, the WEAPON features Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR/HD recording and limited 3D LUT support into a more compact BRAIN.

The WEAPON FORGED integrates DSMC2 for compatibility with the REDVOLT Expander, V-Lock Battery Module, top handle and other DSMC2 compliant accessories. The DSMC2 system is able to utilize various optical low pass filters including DSMC2 Standard OLPF, Low Light Optimized OLPF, Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF or all three. OLPF allows video capture that can provide excellent color and tonal reproduction, preserve color quality in highlights, or balanced light and dark environments for perfecting a shot.

Featuring the RED DRAGON 19.4 Megapixel CMOS, 6144 x 3160 effective megapixels, a 30.7 mm x 15.8 mm sensor size and 16.5+ stops of dynamic range, the WEAPON FORGED is more than capable of delivering high quality content with extreme and ultra-clear detail.

  • Top handle + 15mm top rod adapter + EVF rod holder (with power pass through and REC button)
  • Top handle power module
  • Top plate
  • (1) Trigger port
  • (1) Genlock port
  • (1) Timecode port
  • (2) 14.8V 3-Pin FISCHER output with the Run/Stop trigger
  • (1) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO output
  • (1) 16-Pin LEMO output for DSMC LCD/EVF
  • Switchable DSMC2 LCD bracket
  • Pogo extension cable (60cm) REL-02
  • Side arm
  • Advanced TILTA I/O module
  • (3) HD-SDI output
  • (1) DC power input
  • (2) 3-Pin XLR audio port (Does NOT have Phantom Power)
  • (1) USB power output
  • (1) HDMI output
  • (1) CTRL port
  • (1) Stereo Headphone output
  • (2) 14.8V 3-Pin FISCHER output with the Run/Stop trigger
  • (2) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO output