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Quasar Science Q25X QLED Kit (2’ and 4’)

The Quasar Science Q25 QLED Kit with Crossfade Linear Bi-Color LEDs is a versatile lighting solution, offering 25 watts of power with a broad bi-color temperature spectrum ranging from 2000 to 6000K. It shines brightly with an output of up to 2250 lumens, making it an excellent choice for illuminating both people and various environments. Due to its slim design, this tube light can be discreetly positioned in tight spaces or attached to walls or ceilings without affecting camera angles. The lights are designed for flexible use, allowing for the creation of large, custom arrays, unique geometric shapes, or integration with existing Kino Flo lighting setups.

This LED tube light is self-ballasted, eliminating the need for separate external power supplies or ballasts. It’s also designed to be dimmable, ensuring compatibility with most dimming systems and maintaining a flicker-free performance across the entire range of dimming.

Available in 2′ and 4′