Quantum Science Q-Lion 3×3 LED Kit

The Quantum Science Q-Lion 3×3 LED Kit is a mobile lighting package designed for on-the-go professionals. This comprehensive kit includes nine LED tube lights, encompassing three each of the 24-inch, 12-inch, and 5-inch lengths, offering a variety of lighting possibilities. Each tube light is equipped with an integrated lithium-ion battery, facilitating quick and cable-free setup. The LEDs feature three selectable color temperatures and straightforward stepped dimming controlled by a single master button.

These LED tubes are designed with a handy battery indicator for monitoring charge levels. In situations where power is low, they can be operated while connected to a charger. The kit also allows for firmware updates via a USB port.

Transportation and storage are secure and convenient, thanks to the sturdy, impact-resistant travel case, which is airline-friendly. The case’s custom-fitted foam interior ensures all components are securely stored.

The LED kit is compatible with various dimmers, including ETC Sensor, Innovation Dimmers, ID: Rat Pack, and Lutron CL, though some may require a ghost load.

Mounting options include built-in magnetic feet and an integrated 3/8″-16 receiver. The kit also comes with a standard 5/8″ baby stud adapter measuring 4 inches.

Charging is efficient with the inclusion of two QC30MC2 USB 3.0 type group charging units, capable of charging up to five lights simultaneously. The chargers use a USB C connector. Note that standard 5V USB chargers are not compatible for charging these lamps.

Users can also upgrade the firmware of the LED lights to stay updated with new features from the manufacturer’s website.

The SKB case exterior dimensions are 39 x 16.8 x 6.8 inches or 100 x 42.7 x 17.3 cm, ensuring the entire kit is easily transportable.