The compact, lightweight, fast Angénieux Optimo Prime Set (21, 28, 40, 50, 75, 135mm T1.8) with full frame coverage. With more than 70 years making cinematic history, Angenieux is an industry standard. Proven mechanics that withstand the demands of today’s productions, the Optimo Primes provide the renowned Angenieux image – creamy look that is neither too soft nor too crisp.

The small, lightweight, fast Angénieux Optimo Prime Rental Set, covering full frame sensors and offering an impressive T1.8. The Optimo Prime series is part of Angénieux’s latest high-end lens collection and is ideal for demanding productions requiring native cinema design. 70 years after the first Angénieux prime series, the Optimo Prime Series is the result of decades of proven experience and know-how in high precision optics and mechanics. Each lens was designed to be incredibly compact and lightweight, and a fast T1.8, with Optimo-class mechanics and feel that embodies the legendary Angénieux look. The series provides meta data (Cooke-I, LDS) and unique user-features such as replaceable iris blade unit, internal glass optical element and rear filter, as well as identical colorimetry across the range. The Angénieux Optimo Primes are built to integrate seamlessly with the Angénieux Zooms, and make a brilliant hand-held build, and also work great for Ronin work. Cinematographers love their portability.

We all know and love the legendary Angénieux look, featuring cinematic images that are neither too strong nor too soft. The Angénieux Optimo Set provides gentle fall off while still giving details in the focus. And these primes are color-matched to our Optimo Zooms.

Perfect for use with our ARRI ALEXA Mini LF cameras, these primes pair beautifully and provide image consistency with our Angénieux EZ-1 45-135mm Full Frame Zoom and Angénieux EZ-2 2-60mm Full Frame Zoom.

See how gorgeous the Angénieux Prime Set looks on screen here.  Music Video: In Light. Director: Joel Kazuo Knoernschild/ Cinematographer: Randy Wedick

  • Identical colorimetry across the range
  • Replaceable iris blade unit, user-configurable for bokeh (including anamorphic effect)
  • Filters to change optical properties, MTF, CCI, etc.
  • High-end cinema functionality: constant volume, non-linear iris (as for Optimo Zoom range), non-linear focus (as for Optimo Zoom range), with 320° focus rotation angle, possibility to go ‘beyond’ infinity and close focus, identical colorimetry across the range, matched to OPTIMO Zooms, round bokeh across image plane
  • Cooke /i and LDS Metadata Support
  • Replaceable Iris Blade Unit and Optics
  • Front diameter 95mm
  • Lens mount: PL