Nanlux Evoke 900C RGB LED Spot Light Kit Overview:

Maintaining all original specifications, the Nanlux Evoke 900C RGB LED Spot Light is a versatile and compact lighting solution, featuring advanced RGBLAC technology. This 940W unit boasts a broad color temperature range from 1800 to 20,000K, making it suitable for various lighting conditions, including interior, exterior, and mixed lighting environments. The Evoke 900C offers precise dimming capabilities from 0 to 100%, adjustable in 0.1% increments. It integrates lime, amber, and cyan LEDs, ensuring high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96 for accurate color rendering. The light’s 60° beam spread further enhances its versatility.

Designed for both studio and location use, the Evoke 900C can be plugged into a standard AC outlet, operating on a voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC, making it globally adaptable. It also supports optional DC battery power for situations where mains electricity is unavailable. The kit includes a yoke, a 45° reflector, and a super clamp, along with a trolley carry case for convenient transport and storage.

Advanced Control Options
The Evoke 900C offers a range of control methods, both wired and wireless, for versatile operation. Adjustments can be made directly on the unit, via Bluetooth, DMX/RDM, or other advanced protocols.

– Onboard control, Nanlink app via Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz wireless options
– Optional DMX console compatibility for precise adjustments
– Wireless DMX capability through LumenRadio
– Support for Art-Net/sACN protocols
– Includes a remote controller

15 Special Effects
The Evoke 900C comes with a library of 15 built-in special effects, including HUE loop, CCT loop, INT loop, flash, pulse, storm, police car, TV, paparazzi, candle/fire, disco, bad bulb, fireworks, explosion, and welding, adding creative flexibility to your lighting design.

Quiet Cooling System
The adjustable fan in the Evoke 900C ensures efficient heat dissipation with a low noise level of 25 dBA in Smart mode.

– Smart, Full-Speed, Low-Speed, and Off modes for fan operation
– Full power output in Smart and Full-Speed modes
– Maximum power output limited to 70% in Low-Speed mode
– Maximum power output limited to 20% in Off mode

Weather-Resistant Design
The Evoke 900C’s robust and practical 13 x 9.5 x 8.3″ design is IP55 rated for weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use or in challenging weather conditions.