Nanlux Evoke 1200B LED Bi-Color Spot Light Overview

The Nanlux Evoke 1200B LED Bi-Color Spot Light boasts a user-friendly design and offers a broad color temperature range from 2700 to 6500K. Its high CRI and TLCI scores of 96 and 97, respectively, ensure precise color rendering. The light’s dimming capability ranges from 0 to 100%, adjustable in 0.1% steps, and includes various dimming curves like linear, S-curve, exponent, and logarithm to maintain color fidelity at any brightness level.

This compact yet potent 19.8 x 14.56 x 8.26″ lighting unit delivers an impressive 61,030 lux at 9.8 feet. Nanlux provides multiple control options for the 1200B, including onboard DMX/RDM, optional wired DMX, and wireless methods through the NANLINK controller, LumenRadio TIVO II, CRMX, Bluetooth, or 2.4 GHz. The light’s smart design incorporates a 3-speed fan, which can be turned off in noise-sensitive environments, ensuring longevity of the LEDs.

The 1200B comes with a range of built-in effects like CCT loop, INT loop, and various simulation effects (e.g., police car, TV, paparazzi). It includes a 45° reflector, with 26° and 60° options available separately. The yoke’s design offers an additional 15° tilt, beneficial when using optional softboxes. Additional accessories like a Fresnel lens and projection adapter are also available for purchase. The light is globally compatible, thanks to its 100-240 VAC power supply.

Key Features:

– Broad CCT Range: The Evoke 1200B’s advanced bi-color light mixing technology ensures consistent and accurate color temperature adjustments from 2700K to 6500K, backed by thorough professional testing and calibration.

– CCT Adjustment: Easy CCT adjustments eliminate the need for CTO/CTB gels, offering flexibility in simulating natural light conditions from dawn to midday to dusk.

– Precise Color Reproduction: With high CRI, TLCI, TM-30 Rf, and TM-30 Rg ratings, the 1200B is designed for professionals demanding high-quality color reproduction.

– IP54 Rating: The light and its power supply are IP54-rated, ensuring durability in various weather conditions.

– Efficient Cooling: The light’s design allows for operation in hot conditions without overheating.

– User-Friendly Interface: A 2.8″ display provides easy control and is compatible with other Nanlux and Nanlite fixtures.

– Versatile Dimming: The light offers 0.1% increment dimming with four industry-standard dimming curves accessible via DMX.

– Multiple Connectivity Options: The Evoke series supports various control methods, including DMX/RDM, wired DMX, and wireless options.

– Durable Design: The light features a sophisticated fan control system with four modes, catering to different shooting environments.

– Compact and Versatile: The Evoke includes 24.6′ DC cables, a super clamp, and an offset yoke design with extra tilt, enhancing its compatibility with various modifiers.

– Enhanced Operational Flexibility: The Evoke 1200B’s design is not only compact and efficient but also highly adaptable for diverse lighting setups. The additional 15° tilt in the yoke design is especially useful when pairing the light with various modifiers, including optional softboxes, enhancing its versatility in different shooting scenarios.

– Comprehensive Built-in Effects: The 1200B is equipped with a wide array of pre-programmed effects. These include CCT loop, INT loop, CCT flash, CCT pulse, storm, police car, TV, paparazzi, candle/fire, disco, bad bulb, fireworks, explosion, and welding. These effects add creative flexibility, allowing for easy simulation of complex lighting scenarios without the need for additional programming or external devices.

– Accessory Compatibility: While the unit ships with a 45° reflector, it is also compatible with 26° and 60° reflectors, which are available for separate purchase. This compatibility extends to a Fresnel lens and a projection adapter, offering even more creative control over the lighting.

– Global Usability: Designed for international use, the Evoke 1200B is equipped with a 100-240 VAC power supply, making it suitable for use in various locations around the world without the need for additional power converters.

– Advanced Color Tuning: The Evoke 1200B’s CCT adjustment feature is a significant advancement, allowing for seamless transitions between different color temperatures. This feature not only makes traditional CTO/CTB gels obsolete but also provides filmmakers and lighting professionals with the ability to mimic natural lighting conditions at any time of day.

– High Standards of Color Accuracy: The Evoke 1200B’s commitment to color accuracy is evident in its high CRI, TLCI, TM-30 Rf, and TM-30 Rg scores. These metrics ensure that the light produced is of a quality that meets the demanding standards of professional cinematography and photography.

– Weather-Resistant Design: The IP54 rating of the Evoke 1200B ensures that it is resistant to dust and water ingress, making it a reliable choice for outdoor shoots or in challenging environments.

– Cooling System: The light’s advanced cooling system, with its multiple fan modes, ensures efficient heat dissipation. This feature is crucial for maintaining the longevity of the LEDs, especially during extended use or in hot conditions.

– Intuitive User Interface: The 2.8″ display offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate through settings and adjustments. This interface is designed to be intuitive for users familiar with Nanlux and Nanlite fixtures, ensuring a seamless integration into existing lighting setups.

– Professional Dimming Control: The Evoke 1200B’s precise dimming control, adjustable in 0.1% increments, along with its four different dimming curves, ensures that users can achieve the exact lighting intensity required for their specific project needs.

– Robust Connectivity: With its array of connectivity options, including onboard DMX/RDM, optional wired DMX, and various wireless controls, the Evoke 1200B offers flexibility in how it can be integrated and controlled within different lighting setups.

– Longevity and Durability: The Evoke 1200B is built for frequent use, with a design that emphasizes both longevity and operational efficiency. The enhanced fan control system, with its various modes, caters to different shooting conditions, ensuring that the light performs optimally over time.

In summary, the Nanlux Evoke 1200B LED Bi-Color Spot Light is a versatile, high-performance lighting solution designed for professional use in a wide range of environments and applications. Its advanced features, combined with its robust build and intuitive design, make it a valuable tool for filmmakers, photographers, and lighting professionals seeking reliability and creative control in their lighting setups.