Minolta Rokkor Lenses Overview

Minolta Rokkor Lenses “Rokkor” refers to Mt. Rokko which could be seen from the Minolta factory in Japan. In the late 60’s and all through the 70’s, Minolta made some of the best glass in the world under the Rokkor label. Unlike most manufacturers, Minolta was capable of producing its own glass elements and coatings.

Their reputation for innovation and quality was already firmly in place.The Rokkor line of lenses was one of the most complete sets on the market. The set consists of 11 focal lengths from 21mm to 200mm with an ultra wide. The well known 21mm f2.8, 58mm f1.2, and 85mm f1.7 are still coveted by photographers around the world.

The 100 f2 is an earlier design, but easily one of the best Rokkors ever. However, one of Minolta’s latest designs is the most special of them all. . . The incredible 135mm f2. Fifty years later the Minolta Rokkors are ready for the spotlight once again. This time in highly customized G.L. Optics Mark 5 cinema housings. When design, craftsmanship, and performance converge, a special product is born. These lenses are truly special.

Minolta Rokkor Lens List