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MAXI BRUTE – 6000 PAR 64

The Mole-Richardson 6K 6-Light Maxicoop Fixture is designed to simulate bright skylight. This versatile design incorporates features from the MolePars, SpaceLites and Coops to achieve directional downlight, sidelight or backlight. The Light Box Holder incorporates a highly reflective aluminized skirt, integrated safety screen and allows mounting of two slide-out 36″ x 48″ filter frames. The low profile yoke allows the lamp to be tilted 180 degrees for optimum positioning and uses a 1 1/8″ junior pin with a “flip-up” rope hanger for several hanging options. The four 5/8″ corner pins provide optional rigging points and allows compact stacking when storing. Powered by a 6-circuit Socapex connector.