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Our LAOWA 12mm f/2.8 ZERO-D is one of the fastest 12mm lens in the market. The ultra fast aperture can effectively shorten the exposure time required and help to achieve more details of the night sky. This is proven to be the perfect tool for a nice milky way shot.  The fast aperture is also very convenient for low-light / indoor shooting. 

LAOWA 12mm f/2.8 ZERO-D

World’s Widest f/2.8 Lens with close-to-zero distortion, also offering full frame coverage. 

Featuring the widest angle of view (122°) ever built with a f/2.8 lens, this is an ideal lens for a variety of types of cinematography. From landscape, architecture, interior, travel to the most important, astro photography.

The lens is also the lightest and the most compact of its class and is good for everyday shooting. It features a close-to-zero optical distortion, allowing photographers to take landscape/architecture shots with straight lines retained. Water and dust repelling ‘Frog Eye Coating’ is added at the front element of the lens. Users can use CPL / ND filters by adding an optional Laowa 100mm filter holder system.

– Full Frame / Vista Vision coverage
– Close to zero distortion
– 122 degrees FoV
– Focus super close (7 inches from subject to sensor)
– Super Compact
– EF or PL or E mount available
– Step-up to 114mm for matte box installation
– Perfect for any Large Format Cinema Cameras (RED Monstro, Alexa Mini LF, Sony Venice, etc)
– Still a 18mm Ultra Wide for S35 cameras (BMPCC 6k, RED Gemini, Z-Cam S6, etc)