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The KinoFlo Wall-O-Lite is a ten-lamp fixture operated by a built-in ballast. The ballast is flicker free at any camera speed or shutter angle with controls to power ten to five lamps at high output. As a comparison, one fixture can put out as much light as a 2.5K HMI fresnel bounced off white foam core. The Wall-O-Lite is as flexible and easy to manipulate as a bounce card on a grip stand. In tight locations, its narrow profile allows it to be backed up to a wall with a minimal loss of set space. It can be mounted on a junior stand or hung from a pipe. Instead of a traditional yoke, it is designed with a center-mounted arm that allows you to spin or angle the fixture in any position. Fixtures can be combined side by side to form a large “seamless” light source. A removable accessory frame holds a gel frame and louver. The louver attachment controls the spread and direction of the light. The Wall-O-Lite is ideal for illuminating large cycs or for front-lighting blue/green screens and Chromakey areas. It spreads a broad, even light that is hard to duplicate with conventional HMI or quartz sources.