The Hudson Spider LED Kit is designed to streamline the lighting setup process on set. This kit features a 36″ diameter LED fixture, which can be quickly assembled in 5 minutes and compactly folded into a 12 x 8″ cylinder for transportation. The kit comes in a durable, water-resistant, and shockproof rolling case for easy mobility.

The fixture, constructed with eight foldable aluminum and steel arms, forms a parabolic shape. It is equipped with 3456 densely-packed LEDs, producing a smooth, continuous light output. Renowned for its softness, the Redback also delivers a distinctive wrap-around effect, sharp contrast, and a clear, specular quality that’s often described as “enchanting” or a “beauty light.”

This kit includes a 90-305 VAC Litegear power supply/dimmer, enabling a broad color temperature range from 2600 to 6500K, with an impressive CRI of 95+ for outstanding color fidelity. The light’s intensity can be adjusted from 0 to 100%, either directly on the fixture or remotely via DMX control.

For added versatility, the kit includes a Redback Parabolic Reflector with a silver-interior Ultrabounce cover, a Magic Cloth diffuser, and both full and 1/2 grid cloth diffusers. Other accessories in the kit are an IEC power cord, a 24′ header cable, and a 5/8″ Baby pin with 3/8″ threads.

The design concept focuses on positioning the LEDs closely along the parabolic armature, mimicking the appearance of umbrella-bounced light but with direct LED output. This design is especially effective for simulating traditional HMI or Tungsten bounced lighting.

In terms of performance, at 24 fps and ISO 800, the Redback produces an exposure of f/22 at 3 feet, f/11 at 6 feet, and f/8.4 at 9 feet. The high-quality light emitted by the fixture is often termed “magical” due to its unique ability to wrap around the subject, creating appealing highlights and a “beauty light” effect.

The light utilizes a mix of 2600K and 6500K LEDs, allowing smooth cross-fading across the spectrum and dimming from 0-100%. The high CRI of over 95 is powered by the Litegear engine, ensuring pure, accurate white light.

Despite requiring no diffusion, the Redback is incredibly bright. Its 3456 LEDs at 24V and 400W output is on par with umbrella-bounced fixtures using a 2500W HMI bulb.

The fixture is lightweight at 7 pounds, 4 ounces, making it easy to mount using the included 5/8″ Baby pin. The unit’s robust construction ensures durability, and it can be swiftly collapsed to a compact size for storage in the provided rolling case.

The Redback is compatible with a growing range of accessories from Hudson Spider and other brands, including different types of diffusion, teasers, soft egg crates, and soft boxes. One notable accessory is the “Stealth” Octa, a 6 x 1′ softbox weighing 12 pounds.

The kit’s dimensions are 12.5 x 21 x 24 inches, with a total weight of 49 pounds.