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Guaranteed eye contact.

The patented device offers an elegantly simple solution to a complicated problem.

Features include:

● easy set-up

● accommodations for DSLRs to full-size cameras with zoom

● 18″ adjustable balance base plate and riser

● easy conversion to an AutoCue or TelePrompter with your iPad or tablet (iPad not included)

● versatility to put the interviewer on either side of the camera

● no electricity required

● high quality beamsplitter mirror and secondary glass ‘Edison’ mirror

Package includes:

● EyeDirect device with 50/50% beamsplitter and secondary mirror complete

● 18″ adjustable baseplate

● Riser for DSLRs

● rubber donut

● hex head tools and 3/8×16 tiedown fastener

● iPad/tablet accessory to convert system to teleprompter/autocue

● Complete system to mount your camera, to your tripod

● Calculate for widest field of view at 45 degrees on AbelCine Field of View Calculator