A flexible way of maintaining the eye contact with on-camera talent/interview subjects with your camera, the EyeDirect Folding Mark E is more than just a portable teleprompter that feeds your on-camera subject lines to read; it also provides a way for your on-camera subject to maintain eye contact with the interviewer while looking directly at your camera. Suitable for use with cameras from DSLR or Mirrorless up to full-size camcorders or digital cinema cameras with large lenses.

As a prompter, the Folding Mark E supports iPads/tablets up to 7 x 10″ and 3/8″ thick (neither tablet nor prompting software is included.) It features a 50/50 beamsplitter that allows the talent to see the text without it showing up on your image. Removing the iPad/tablet is where the design of the Folding Mark E shines, as it allows your on-camera talent to look directly at the camera, yet see the face the interviewer behind the camera, or someone off to the side. Or you can also insert a picture or headline into your subject’s eyeline without having them look off camera to see it.

Features include:

● all of the same functionality as the Mark II

● compact design to suit DSLR or prosumer cameras; with new, longer baseplate

● lightweight enough to use with a monopod – or even handheld

● folds to fit in a backpack for travel ease

● easy conversion to an AutoCue or TelePrompter with the included accessory and your iPad or tablet