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DUCLOS 11-16MM T2.8

Duclos Lenses has developed a conversion process for the Tokina 11-16mm ultra-wide angle lens. Most obvious is the PL mount that interfaces with any PL mount camera including the RED Epic. More subtle yet most important is the activated manual aperture control. Lubricated, geared, and marked, the new aperture ring allows precise control for the user. The outer shell of the lens has been replaced with black anodized aluminum. Internal components are refined and reenforced. The final product is a small, lightweight lens perfectly capable of holding it’s own against the likes of other motion picture optics.

DUCLOS 11-16MM T2.8 Lens Overview

The DUCLOS 11-16MM T2.8 Lens is an extremely versatile lens. While it’s wide-angle nature may be unique, it’s right at home on a variety of productions including aerial, underwater, landscape, action sports, and many more environments.

The original 11-16mm cinema rehousing, the Duclos 11-16mm T2.8 provides an operator-friendly, robust cinema housing with 32-pitch zoom, focus, and iris gears. The aluminum body features an 80mm front ring with a 77mm filter thread complimented by a stainless steel Arri PL mount.