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The Western Dolly is a larger, heavier duty platform than the Doorway, with a maximum capacity of 1200 Lbs. (544kg). The wider, longer platform provides an even smoother ride with its larger, wider tires and extended wheelbase. This dolly can be equipped with a turret as can the Doorway. The turret assembly allows for the mounting of two seats and a complete camera configuration support by a Mitchell Base. The Western Dolly’s Pop-Off wheels allow quick removal and easy storage. The axle is integrated into the wheel assembly to prevent the axle from becoming separated from the wheel upon removal. The wheel base of both is 52″ with an overall length of 76″. The platform size is 48″ wide by 66″ long. Total weight capacity is 1200 Lbs. (544kg). Tire pressure – 16-22 Lbs.

Western Dolly complete with Pop-Off Wheels, Push Bar, Pull Handle
Weight: 270lbs