Shoot 35mm, Super 35mm, Full Frame and Beyond – The Cooke S7/i, T2.0 Full Frame Plus Primes are designed to cover the emergent full frame cinema camera sensors with the legendary Cooke Look® and the next generation of /i Technology for lens metadata capture.

Our Cooke S7/i Prime lenses are supplied with /i Technology that collect detailed lens data for production, VFX and post-production teams and are designed for all PL mounted professional motion picture film and electronic cameras. The /i Technology provides cinematographers and camera operators with vital information on lens setting, focusing distance, aperture and depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance, serial number, owner data, lens type and focal length in both metric and footage measurements, as well as inertial tracking data, shading and distortion data. For zoom lenses, the zoom position is displayed.

Shoot 35mm / Super 35mm formats, full frame, VistaVision and beyond – all with The Cooke Look®. We have you covered with our Cooke S7 Rental, for Full Frame and Super 35 coverage.

Superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture. The cam-type focus mechanism allows for smooth focus adjustments. Modular construction increases ease of maintenance and serviceability. The Cooke S7’s are color-matched to other Cooke lenses to keep that well-known Cooke look, and has focus markings on both sides of the lens. A cam-type focus mechanism and a large lens barrel diameter with 270° of rotation from end-stop to end-stop allows for precision focus pulls, especially at close focus.

The Cooke S7 lenses feature a PL mount, which makes them compatible with the most commonly used professional motion picture film and electronic cameras, and has an aperture range of T2.0 to T22. The PL mount incorporates i/Technology contacts that feed lens information metadata to a compatible camera, including focus distance, aperture and depth-of-field. Assistant Camera folks love this built-in technology!

And, the Cooke S7 lenses come equipped with /i Technology for frame by frame digital information capture, as do all modern Cooke cine lenses for film and digital capture. Also available for rental at MPS Studios Dallas and Austin offices with this technology: Cooke Anamorphics (25, 32, 40, 50, 65mm macro, 75, 100, 135, 180mm; and Cooke Anamorphic Zoom 35-140mm)-180mm), Cooke Panchro/i’s (18, 21, 25, 27, 32, 40, 50, 65mm macro, 75, 100, 135, 152mm), Cooke Mini-S4’s (18, 21, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100, 135mm), and select Cooke S4’s (16, 18, 21, 25, 27, 32, 65, 75, 100mm).

The Cooke S7 primes are a go-to for cinematographers across the globe, and feature the following:

  • T2.0 – T22 aperture
  • Covers at least 46.31mm image circle
  • Colour matched to Anamorphic/i, S4/i, miniS4/i, 5/i and Pancro/i Classic lenses
  • Award-winning cam style mechanism for smooth focus adjustments
  • Especially well balanced for astigmatism and correct for lateral and longitudinal aberrations over the entire image area
  • Supplied with the next generation of /i Technology for lens metadata capture
  • Linear iris
  • The Cooke Look®, of course

Available focal lengths at MPS Studios Dallas Austin: 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100, 135mm

Pairs beautifully with our ARRI ALEXA MINI LF, and Angenieux EZ-1 and EZ-2 zooms.

Check out Cooke Optics for feature credits and here for commercial, tv, and feature credits shot around the world.

Capable and designed for use with: