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Shoot from very wide angle to telephoto with the Cooke Anamorphic Zoom 35-140mm with 4x zoom ratio. Offering that creamy, dreamy, legendary Cooke Look


True, front anamorphic zoom with the creative flexibility that cinematographers have waited years to have. Cooke’s new, patented optical design brings together a unique combination of attributes.

Feature Highlights

  • True, front anamorphic with 2x squeeze.
  • Oval bokeh, just like our Cooke Anamorphic/i Prime lenses, and oval bokeh throughout zoom and focus along with the other coveted characteristics you want when shooting anamorphic.
  • Colour and depth of field characteristics matched to the Anamorphic/i primes.
  • Award-winning cam-style focus mechanism for smooth focus adjustments.
  • Especially well balanced for astigmatism and corrected for lateral and longitudinal aberrations over the entire image area.
  • Linear iris
  • The Cooke Look®

Our Cooke Anamorphic Zoom lens is supplied with /i Technology, and is designed for all PL mounted professional motion picture film and electronic cameras. The /i Technology provides cinematographers and camera operators with vital information on lens setting, focusing distance, aperture and depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance, serial number, owner data, lens type and focal length in both metric and footage measurements. For zoom lenses, the zoom position is displayed.

The Cooke Anamorphic Zoom 35-140mm is color matched and pairs perfectly with our Cooke Anamorphic Primes, available in the following focal lengths: 25, 32, 40, 50, 65mm macro, 75, 100, 135mm.