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Camera Car

Our Camera Car is ready to hit the road for your next project! Conveniently available out of our Dallas and Austin offices, our Camera Car Rental is built for the demands of today’s production. Rent the camera car process trailer combo for optimal flexibility. Contact us for more details!

The MPS Studios Camera Car Rental (Insert Car) available in both our Dallas and Austin Texas locations.
Custom trailer process available:

  • Equipped with sophisticated 12 airbag suspension system that allows fine-tuning of tide height and stability
  • Platform measuring 24′ long and 12’6″ wide when expanded
  • Plenty of unobstructed space for anything you are towing
  • Payload up to 7200 lbs!
  • Hydraulic jacks and hydraulic slide-outs slices set up time to just 10 minutes!
  • Unistrut for ease of bolting
  • 10’6″ inside fenders
  • Trained driver goes out with the rig to make your shoot easy and seamless

We can supply your production with the professional motion picture equipment it needs to have great looking footage. Whether you are shooting commercials, movies, documentaries, corporate or promotional material MPS Studios has your back. We carry the latest in professional video equipment and can accommodate various production sizes. Choose the products you are interested in and request a quote online or call us direct for more information.