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The Astera NYX Bulb Kit bundles together eight NYX 10W LED bulbs with a PowerStation, a versatile AC power supply, and a range of useful accessories. Each bulb in the set comes with a cup bouncer and a USB connection cable, all neatly packed in a durable, corrosion-resistant case designed for safe storage and easy transport.

Astera NYX 10W LED Bulb Engine with RGBA + Mint:
The Astera NYX bulb, a 10W LED, is designed like a traditional incandescent bulb but boasts the capabilities of a bi-color LED with an RGBA light engine. This allows for a multitude of colors and intensities, with hue and saturation controlled by red, green, blue, amber, and an additional mint chip for a broader color spectrum.

Control options for the NYX bulb are extensive, including wireless operation via the Astera PowerStation with Bluetooth, CRMX, and UHF (with separate wireless modules). The standard E26/E27 base makes it compatible with most light sockets and lamp bases, and it can also run on DC power. The bulb is fanless, silent, and compact, ideal for tight spaces.

Key features include:
– Aluminum and polycarbonate build
– White color tuning from 1750K to 20,000K
– Strobe frequency from 0 to 250 Hz
– Wireless DMX at 2.4 GHz and built-in CRMX
– Bluetooth and UHF/CRMX range up to 330 feet
– Operating temperature from 32 to 104°F and humidity tolerance from 0 to 100%
– IP44 rating for water resistance

Astera NYX Bulb Transportation Case:
This specialized hard case, designed for the NYX bulbs, is robust and corrosion-proof. It’s tailored to carry eight NYX bulbs, one power supply, eight cup bouncers, and a 48VDC PSU (sold separately), with ultra-high-impact plastic construction for strength and durability. Features include dust and crush resistance, easy-open latches, a fold-down handle, padlock protectors, and padded interior foam.

Astera PowerStation with Built-In Battery:
The PowerStation is engineered for the NYX LED bulb, acting as a remote display for settings like color temperature, effects, and brightness. It also shows DMX addresses and settings which the bulb then stores. The PowerStation comes with a rear magnet for easy mounting and an airline track for accessory attachment.

Astera CupBouncers for NYX Bulbs (8-Pack):
These CupBouncers, designed for multiple bulb types, easily attach to the top of a bulb to spread light horizontally. This expands the beam angle of the bulb.

Astera USB Cable for FP5 LED Bulb (8-Pack):
This pack of USB cables is meant for connecting the NYX Bulb to a standard PowerBank.

Astera AX1 Charger:
The AX1 Charger is made specifically for the AX1 PixelTube, charging its lithium-ion battery. It accommodates a voltage range of 100 to 240 and takes 5 to 7 hours for a full charge.