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Hi-5 Hand Unit: Sophisticated Lens Control

The ARRI Hi-5 Hand Unit Basic Set delivers sophisticated wireless multi-axis camera and lens control. Featuring a large knob, instant reconnection, and a high-contrast touchscreen LCD, it ensures precise and powerful performance. The set includes the Hi-5 body, a Bluetooth dongle, a Smart focus ring, the RF-EMIP Radio Module 2400 MHz DSSS, two LBP-3500 battery packs, an LBP battery charger, a hand strap, a neck strap, and a screen protector. Its modular and highly customizable design enhances user flexibility and efficiency.
  • ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA LF, and ALEXA Mini cameras
  • ALEXA SXT W and ALEXA 65 cameras
  • UMC-4, RIA-1/RF-EMIP control units
  • Focusbug Cine RT
  • cforce mini RF using the separately available RF-EMIP radio module
Flexible Connectivity
  • Uses optional radio modules for different regions
  • Optional control licenses for RED, Panavision, and Sony cameras
  • 4-pin LBUS ports for hardwiring to your ARRI camera for lens control
  • Includes a Bluetooth dongle for configuring and updating using ECS Sync iOS
2400 MHz Radio Module
  • The included 2400 MHz radio module enables you to connect wirelessly with the RIA-1 adapter
  • Provides 14 channels and is backward compatible with white-coded radio EMIP modules
Hand Unit Features
  • Offers user-defined function buttons
  • Customizable focus knob operation
  • Use with the included focus ring
  • Optional pre-marked Smart focus rings with electronic detection
  • Waterproof design can be used in all weather environments
  • Powered using the included LBP-3500 Li-Ion batteries
  • Provides hot-swapping battery support