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ALURA 30-80MM T2.8

Following current market trends towards more action- oriented shooting with smaller cameras, this new zoom has been designed for hand held, Steadicam, small camera setups

Focal Length Ratio 2.7
Aperture T2.8 – T22
Close focus 0.6 m / 2’0″
Magnification ratio 1 : 4.9
Length 228 mm / 9.0″
Front diameter 114 mm / 4.5″
Weight 4.9lb/2.2kg

Using the latest in optical design technology and innovative manufacturing techniques, these lenses exhibit an outstanding optical performance that creates great images on film and has been optimized for the more stringent demands of digital cameras. Combined with a large diameter aspherical lens surface this optimization takes the spectral sensitivity of sensor pixels and the camera’s optical low pass filters into account for high resolution images from 2K to 4K+ camera outputs. FUJINON’s multi-layer electron beam coating (EBC) and other measures greatly reduce flares and veiling glare for deep, rich blacks and a wide contrast range – the perfect image for today’s digital cameras with their wide exposure latitude. Incorporating extraordinary low dispersion glass reduces chromatic aberrations, a lens quality that is much more critical for digital sensors than it used to be for film. A large image circle makes them compatible with all currently available digital cameras. Both zooms further shine with low geometric distortion, even field illumination, minimized breathing (especially at the wide end where it counts) and 9 iris leaves for round, out-of-focus highlights and a pleasing, organic bokeh. Like the previous two Alura zooms, their optical design is well balanced and maintains contrast, resolution and field illumination across the whole focus and zoom range, while keeping light transmission constant, so a T2.8 at 30 mm is still a T2.8 at 80 mm.