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MPS Studios Gives $20K in Cash, Goods, Services

For the third consecutive year, MPS Studios Dallas announces the MPS Studios Texas Filmmaker Award given at the Dallas International Film Festival. The award provides $20,000 in cash, goods and services to this year’s winner of the Texas Competition, which encourages and promotes Texas filmmaking.

The Texas motion picture business extends nearly 100 years, and MPS Studios Dallas, a Texas-based and Texas-owned company, is dedicated to preserving its history and assuring its future.

“Having been committed to Texas filmmaking for more than 30 years, part of our mission is to keep the Texas production industry strong,” said Mark Beasley, president of MPS Studios. “This award is the perfect venue for recognizing and thanking filmmakers who choose to live and work in Texas.”

In 2008, David Pomes received the MPS Studios Texas Filmmaker Award for his movie Cook County, followed by David Lowry in 2009 for St. Nick.

Up for the 2010 award:

American: The Bill Hicks Story

Carried Away

Dance With the One


Harmony and Me


Sweet Science: A Boxing Documentary

About MPS Studios Dallas:

MPS Studios is a Texas-based, Texas-owned company servicing production companies nationwide. Their Dallas facility offers 65,000 square feet of studios, equipment, post production, and support staff. Providing single lights to 12-ton trucks, portable and truck-mounted generators, dollies and jibs, digital and film cameras, and post services from dailies to deliverables, 2010 marks their 31st year in business.