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MPS Studios Adds ARRI L-Series Fresnels To Expanding Lighting Inventory

The L7-C Fixture Distinguishes Itself With Unmatched Tune-ability, Color Fidelity, High Build Quality and Ease of Use.

Looking to offer its customers the highest quality production equipment at the most cost-effective prices, MPS Studios “a full-service camera, lighting, and studio rental company with locations in Austin and Dallas “has announced the availability of the LED lamp-based L-Series of Fresnel lights from ARRI within its rental inventory. MPS Studios’ extensive inventory of lighting/grip/electric equipment – including the only ARRIMAX 18K PAR’s in Texas – makes it the premiere source for lighting equipment in the Southeast region and surrounding areas of the U.S.

The ARRI L7-C is so close to a conventional Fresnel in look and design that it allows users to mix and match older tungsten lights with the new LED versions, which are 25% brighter and, at just 220w, use less than a quarter of the power of a 1000w tungsten Fresnel fixture with equivalent light output.

With an estimated LED bulb lifetime of 50,000 hours, MPS Studios now offers the ARRI L7-C (color-controllable) fixtures to customers for almost any application, from large television studios to small interview setups and everything in-between. The L7-C can be adjusted from 2700K-10000K, with an additional green/magenta control. It also features a “Hue Mode” for theatrical color effects.

“The L-Series, and particularly the L7-C fixture, distinguishes itself by providing unmatched tune-ability, color fidelity, high build quality and ease of use; which makes it a great addition to our inventory,” said Brad Beasley, Vice President of MPS Studios, and head of lighting/grip/electric and studios departments in the MPS Studios Dallas office. “Our customers require the highest quality gear to complete their projects and there are no better Fresnels on the market today, in terms of reliability and performance, than ARRI’s L7-C Series.”

Three simple knobs on the L7-C permit the brightness, color temperature and green/magenta point to be fine-tuned, while a focus knob on the side of each fixture allows for smooth adjustment of the beam spread, just like conventional sources.”

The L-Series is the first LED fixture to truly incorporate the Fresnel characteristics of continuous focusability from spot to flood and a smooth, homogenous light field. The L-Series takes full advantage of LED technology and allows for complete control over the color and intensity of light. Light emitted from the L7 is specifically calibrated for optimal reproduction on broadcast and digital cinema cameras, ensuring pleasing skin tones and vividly rendered colors. Constructed to be robust and ergonomic, the L7 meets the quality and design standard for which ARRI is known.

“Yet another benefit of the L7-C Fresnels is that they burn cold,” said Beasley. “A lack of forward heat coming from the fixtures significantly reduces studio air conditioning costs and allows for a much cooler work environment. This makes life easier on set, both for the technicians behind the lights and the talent in front of them.”

Beasley added that MPS Studios’ line of grip/electric trucks and generators, which are used on a wide variety of production projects across the Southeast region of the country, provide the support needed to power these lights (the trucks are packed with both grip and electric packages; offered in 1-ton to 10-ton packages, and towable and truck-mounted generators up to 1200 AMP) in any environment.

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